Subject: what is a YES?? (yacht expo seminars)
(Posted on Apr 13, 2012 at 07:20PM by Colin Jackson)
simply put - we collect experts for various YACHT and CRUISING topics and get them together to kick our BOATING TIPS & TRICKS philosophy to the next level

whether you are just starting out or contemplating crossing an ocean - one of these (or all of them) will amaze you, inform you or get you that AHA moment over something that puzzles you when afloat

at COOPER BOATING, we have to be generalists in order to keep a whole bunch of different boats in top form - but we have a collective team of strategic partners that are the true specialists and yacht experts - from building entire boats to BC boat sales experts who know how to scour the planet to get you the best deal

we have people specialize in rigging,  engines or boat wiring as well

these sessions represent a building wave in shoreside boat clinics - and an opportunity to test drive for some of our classes

everyone wants to share their expertise and make those all important face to face connections to truly make you READY for FUN on the WATER

what does it cost??  we cover all the expenditures but want to do something great at the same time - so please bring something for the FOOD BANK so we can give something back -  from those fortunate enough to enjoy time afloat to those who need a helping hand at this time

in a recent ALBERTA session one participant said "it's like drinking from a fire hose" -- we're adjusting the format to keep these passionate experts to a manageable pace!

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