Subject: OWNERSHIP or ACCESS ... that IS the question
(Posted on Dec 31, 2014 at 05:52PM by Colin Jackson)
~ as SHAKESPEARE would have phrased it ~ to OWN or NOT TO OWN, that IS the question ~

let's face it, nobody woke up in this morning & said:

~ "gee honey, last night, I dreamt of renting a boat" ~

there is a dream that circles around OWNING the boat ~ for some, that is exactly what they should do

~ if unfettered access is the goal, & you have the time & money to support a boat, get shopping & find your ‘ship of dreams’ **  

1 generally speaking, the math around charter rates suggest that if you want to own instead of rent, you should be out on your boat for about 60 days per year for conventional ownership to stack up financially over chartering in our immediate region ~
2 ownership at a lower usage rate makes sense financially through a program (charter ownership or fractional ownership for example) ~
3 for some, ACCESS trumps OWNERSHIP ~ handing back the keys & moving on with other life adventures is key ~ memberships, co-ops & a variety of programs have come along recently, but chartering remains as strong today as when Columbus signed the charter contract for the Nina, Pinta & the good old Santa Maria ~

after all, SHAKESPEARE hadn’t heard of cars, let alone CAR-2-GO ~ OWNERSHIP may be a very simple concept, but ACCESS might be 'just what the doctor ordered' in some cases ~
~remember, nobody NEEDS a DRILL; one only NEEDS a HOLE ~

either way, we're here to help!

**considering ownership?? ~ our BOAT BUYING SEMINAR helps you become an educated buyer ~ packed with tips & tricks useful in your quest