(Posted on Jul 25, 2013 at 06:46PM by Samantha Jackson)
summer on the BC coast this year is one of the best we have seen in years

this past week I have had the opportunity to enjoy the local splendour that SIDNEY & the GULF ISLANDS have to offer our boating visitors during the summer
before you depart from the PORT SIDNEY MARINA, know that an open air market runs every THURSDAY evening from 5-9, shutting down the main street that runs the length of SIDNEY 

filled with local vendors selling local produce & culinary gourmet items to add to your boat when you pre board your charter

I had the opportunity to venture over to SATURNA ISLAND by boat to check out the winery I have always heard about ~ one of great places that I had not made it to yet
the winery has a couple moorings balls & a dock that they allowed us to use

we tied up our boat at the dock & experienced an easy 15-20 minute walk up to the vineyard/bistro and after a very nice free wine tasting, we purchased a bottle & went down to the gazebo in the vineyard that overlooks the gulf islands

the dinner & the view was amazing

the dock was so quiet as there were only two boats tied up ~ we were all a sleep by dark

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