Subject: what to do with friends who do NOT go boating
(Posted on Jan 30, 2014 at 08:42PM by Colin Jackson)
what a CHALLENGE ~ friends who won't head out on the water with you ~

it may be possible to convert them ~ a worthy cause for certain, but just in case, you might consider a different strategy ~

even WORSE ~ friends who say they will join you on a charter (& share the expenses) ~ only to back out & leave you holding the tab ~

while the OBVIOUS SOLUTION could be finding new friends, that can be easier said than doneĀ  ~

there is a better way ~ our CREW club has some great people & we assign the boats based on who's going - taking out a big pile of risk (especially the risk of needing new friends) ~ sail & power boat club in VANCOUVER, SIDNEY & POWELL RIVER

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Subject: Flotillas are great fun and practice
(Posted on Feb 14, 2010 at 07:35PM )
Here's the SECRET to being more comfortable and competent on the water:  THERE IS NO SECRET.  Just do it more and work hard at it!  Just like learning to drive a car, there's lots to figure out when you're new but eventually, it all lumps into that boring task of 'driving'.   Being on the water doesn't necessarily have to be boring (okay - offshore passages are a combination of boring and terrifying, but let's stick to the flotilla talk for now!).   It does become easy as you do it more - just check out some of our folks docking boats singlehanded while talking on a mobile phone (that's still legal!) and occasionally having a coffee at the same time!  (One armed workers unite!)

Challenge is, you might not have been out for a while (or at much at all) and the thought of heading off all on your own is a bit intimidating.   We understand, which is why flotillas might be the answer.   The term flotilla originates with naval groupings of ships and has evolved to groups of pleasure boats invading great destinations together 'just for fun.'

There are flotillas all around the world for those so inclined, but let's focus on the ones here in BC waters.  Isn't it great to know that your flotilla leader will:

    * help figure out where to go
    * when to leave in order to make passes on time
    * brief everyone on recent weather and local hazards along the route
    * help off the dock
    * 'shepherding' whilst transiting passes
    * taking the lead into an unfamiliar harbour
    * help back on the dock
    * local knowledge and shore side fun at destinations
    * someone to double check lines and anchors and generally be quizzed on seamanship

Whether it be calling the 'easter bunny' over the vhf, doing a giant 'conga line' of boats through fog or just hanging out for some great chatter while testing the capacity of some poor cabin or cockpit - flotillas are where it's at.