Subject: goodbye GASOLINE?
(Posted on Mar 28, 2013 at 09:47PM by Samantha Jackson)
perhaps the most dreaded device on the boat OUTBOARD MOTOR ~ whether they are powering small yachts or tenders, the 'kicker' may have derived its nickname from the fact that folks would like to punt it off the boat down to DAVEY JONES' locker  

the move to four stroke models seems to have escalated the tempermental nature of these critters (& some of us feel bad looking forward to finding the less environmentally sensitive old 'two strokes' in hopes we won't need a priest to get them started)

enter: innovation

if forklifts can pull off reliable service with lower impact, why not an outboard?

the folks at LEHR thought so - here is a bit of their story:

"Aboard ship, portable gasoline powered generators drive everything from air compressors to scientific test equipment to running lights. Gasoline is dangerous to use, difficult to store and the carbon monoxide fumes it produces can have a devastating effect on the well being of a ship’s crew. Galley stoves are powered by cleaner burning propane. “Why not the generators?” thought Captain Herzer. A great idea but, at the time, small generators that ran on propane were not being commercialized. Undeterred, Captain Herzer funded his own research. With desire, determination and an unwavering belief in the project, just 2 ½ years later, Captain Herzer found a way to make small, commercial engines run cleaner and more efficiently on propane. Patent applications were filed and LEHR was born."

~~ with the order of a tender outboard for our new DUFOUR 45e today, we're officially underway with this new technology & we'll be testing the long shaft version on the MARTIN 244's shortly - APRIL is the month for this exciting new technology at COOPER