Subject: courses that lead to chartering
(Posted on Jun 6, 2012 at 07:26AM by Colin Jackson)
seems a lot of people look at boats and wonder ‘how can I do that?’

~ and this leads to our favourite question: ‘what courses can I take that will allow me to charter a boat’
the simple answer is ‘any of our  multi-day on the water programs’
complete the CREW & BAY SKIPPER programs and we’d love to see you out chartering the daysailing boats on the bay
complete the cruise & learn and start your overnight charters on larger boats ~~ or step up from BAY SKIPPER by taking CRUISING NUTS & BOLTS
looking to explore more distant harbours and be more self sufficient? ~~ that’s what GUNKHOLING is all about ~ that’s the special name we use to cover the more in depth cruising programs that can lead to CYA INTERMEDIATE or IYT INTERNATIONAL BAREBOAT SKIPPER
we’re really excited to see you progress to chartering ~~ after all, we have an incredible collection of the finest charter boats in the area
sometimes people get through the program and have the certification, but they wonder if there is some ‘middle step’ between courses and chartering all on their own ~ we have three stepping stones to ‘going it alone’:
1)    some people take a skipper / instructor for the first day or two on their charter ~ they jettison this helper (preferably at somewhere they can buzz back home and not middle of the strait) and continue on their holiday
2)    others join a flotilla and have their own family and friends but a resource boat nearby and some ‘good coaching’
3)    others follow an itinerary, especially our fresh ‘newbie’ itinerary from the authors of the DREAMSPEAKER CRUISING guides – complete with some of the most straightforward routes and harbour entrances
~ your instructor will make recommendations, but in general, the size you did your course on and/or what you are comfortable with are the starting points