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Subject: EXPERIENCE the outdoors without ever having to go outdoors!
(Posted on Oct 30, 2014 at 07:49PM by Samantha Jackson)
~ some of us are self admitted wimps ~

put another way, we do not ALWAYS want to layer up & face the elements ~

cruising off season need not be uncomfortable ~ turn on the furnace, open a door & let the gazebo-like canvas structures allow you to cruise in NOVEMBER or MARCH in shirt sleeves~

we've got the best selection ~ at the moment they include:


CORUS (bavaria 50)

CASSIOPEIA (bavaria 42)

SCOTTISH MIST (bavaria 42)

AMRITHA (lagoon 400)

HAPPY HOUR TOO (bavaria 39)

ETESIAN (hunter 36)

ALLWYNDS (catalina 320)


CALINDA (westcoast 62)

LAST TANGO (westcoast 57)

MARINER'S COMPASS (westcoast 46)

MEMORIES (westcoast 46)

PRINCESS PATRICIA (westcoast 46)

RAVEN MAGIC (grand banks 42)

IMPULSE (carver 40)

BOOGIE WOOGIE (cooper prowler 35)